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Since its first inception by the father of vaccination, Edward Jenner, smallpox has been successfully eradicated from the world in 1980. The vaccine has saved countless lives from succumbing to smallpox, and though its success is acknowledged, little is known about its composition. New findings show that smallpox vaccine is made up of horsepox – not cowpox, as originally believed.

Doctor’s behaviour in surgery room has puzzled medical council enough that they decided to suspend his license.

Morphine supplies are inaccessible to many patients in dire need of pain relief around the world—leading to preventable deaths. It is especially apparent in poorer countries, where supplies are not only inadequate; but, also costlier. On the other side of the coin, richer countries not only have it cheaper – but in excess to abuse.

Doctors are avoiding seeking help over their mental illness issue over fear of losing their medical licenses, as research shows.

3 modern breakthrough technologies in the world of medicine have shown how advanced the medical world is becoming.

Given the abhorrent lifetime complications many women, who have had the transvaginal mesh fitted, are having—should the device be banned, even though a small minority of women’s lives are better because of it?

Does your egg count determine your fertility level? While biomarkers may estimate a woman’s ovarian reserve, a new study suggests it does not predict a woman’s chances of getting pregnant

Advocacy of mental health has risen in recent years – garnering global attention across various platforms. From print to social media; from royal figures to first ladies; from Hollywood celebrities to corporate professionals – they all echo one common message: greater awareness, effort and solutions are required to address the mental health stigma.

This week, researchers create a wearable tracker to detect cancer, dentists devise a new technique to harvest stem cell from teeth and a blood labyrinth catches cancer cells.

Soaring obesity rates in the past four decades may result in more overweight children and teens than those who are underweight by the year 2022, warns the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Mutations in the TREM2 gene have recently caught attention for its links with Alzheimer’s disease. A recent study demonstrates the complicated nature between genes and disease.