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Medical School Nurse Interviews

Two doctors in the United States have been suspended for taking photos of a patient’s genital injury, using personal phones. The photos got circulated in the hospital until its administrators were notified.

A comprehensive global study has revealed how millions of people don’t seem to care much about the effects their diet has on their health.

Under the new guidelines on dealing with sepsis doled out by NHS in the UK, antibiotics are to be administered within one hour to patients showing signs of contracting sepsis. Recent findings however, showed that one in four NHS trusts are not meeting the guidelines – after failing to dispense the life-saving antibiotics to half the patients within the required time frame.

The Public Service Department (PSD) has been urged to review the salary scheme for medical officers (MOs) – both doctors and nurses – to encourage them to remain in Malaysia. This is due to a recent rise in the number of medical officers migrating abroad for higher salaries.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has released a complete guide for healthcare professionals in diagnosing and treating endometriosis – complemented with various recommended treatments options, and step by step guides on how to implement them.

Even researchers from reputable institutions fall prey to predatory journals – due to a lack of awareness and safeguards.

Nerve stimulation via controlled electrical impulses while strong in theory have had limited practical implementations in the medical field. That is, until now. Invigorated by multi-million dollar investments, electroceuticals have now been shocked to life — and could serve as an alternative for the future medical treatment.

The Malaysian Cabinet has approved government-use licences to bring in generics of Sofosbuvir – Hepatitis C treatment – amidst Gilead’s current licensing deal. This is in line with the efforts to present more affordable treatment options in the country.

A recent report released by the United Nations (UN) analysed nearly 200 countries worldwide in terms of meeting health-related goals set by the organisation. The findings drew attention to the alarmingly few health targets expected to be wholly met by 2030 and large disparities between countries.

A contaminated equipment is responsible for a bacterial infection in child heart patients right after surgery.

A study from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine indicates that widespread misinformation about the correlation between alcohol and cancer was perpetrated, by none other than the alcohol industry itself, with serious consequences.