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Medical School Nurse Interviews

This week, researcher find links between fat distribution and breast cancer subtypes, use smartphone apps to treat depression and look at acupuncture as a means of improving fertility in women.

Without the hassle of stitching and stapling, injuries might soon be repaired using an effective and innovative human protein-based glue. With hopes of preventing future complications, the glue also has tremendous potential beyond the hospital walls.

3 modern breakthrough technologies in the world of medicine have shown how advanced the medical world is becoming.

Given the abhorrent lifetime complications many women, who have had the transvaginal mesh fitted, are having—should the device be banned, even though a small minority of women’s lives are better because of it?

This year, three scientists were announced Nobel laureates in Chemistry, for their revolutionary discovery of cryo-electron microscopy – a technique which facilitates more elaborate and efficient visualisation of biological cells.

This week, researchers create a wearable tracker to detect cancer, dentists devise a new technique to harvest stem cell from teeth and a blood labyrinth catches cancer cells.

Wearable medical devices are lightweight, user-friendly and functional. They range from the more conventional glucose monitors and hearing aids to the more innovative smart pillboxes and artificial pancreases. Here, we give you our top 10 most promising wearables.

Let’s take a look at how technological innovations can improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare practices – all in all, delivering enhanced medical care to their patients.

The much-anticipated Nobel Prize announced on 2 October this year’s laureates in Physiology or Medicine – three US scientists for their work on our body’s biological clock.

More than 24 hours after the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, the worst has yet to pass for the trauma teams in Las Vegas hospitals. This has highlighted the need for hospitals to be prepared for such events that can occur at any time and place.

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The puzzling origin of the smallpox vaccine

Since its first inception by the father of vaccination, Edward Jenner, smallpox has been successfully eradicated from the world in 1980. The vaccine has saved countless lives from succumbing to smallpox, and though its success is acknowledged, little is known about its composition. New findings show that smallpox vaccine is made up of horsepox – not cowpox, as originally believed.