Female neuroscientist, Dr. Marian Diamond, who made a pivotal change on the debate regarding nature versus nurture and her research study on Einstein’s brain, dies at age 90. Her research has shaped the foundation for many neuroscientists.

Beneath the stark statistics and grim facts of research is an avalanche of emotions. Art recreates these moments, indulging the otherwise white medical canvas with sporadic splashes of struggles and triumphs, thus unveiling the story behind a story.

Two colour blind students, who were denied admission to a medical college in India, fought long and hard so that colour blind students can, too become doctors. The restriction is now removed – as concluded by a committee appointed by the Supreme Court.

Four scientific journals published a hoax paper without double checking it.

A paediatrician and psychiatrist, Dr Herbert Needleman spent most of his career as propagating against lead poisoning in children. Through a study he carried out on children’s teeth in the 1970s, his findings became the bane to the lead industry. The recently deceased doctor’s study has since benefited the scientific community and members of the public, changing the scene of lead level control.

Scientists in New York have confirmed that the hypothalamus in the brain is responsible for controlling the ageing process, through a study done on mice. The study further outlined the agent that can be manipulated to lengthen life span and vice versa. This derivation is hoped to provide new strategies in warding off age-related diseases in humans.

Doctors contribute in big ways by answering the call of duty. However, there are doctors who also answer the call of war. They put their lives on the line for others, not knowing if they themselves will make it out alive. Here are three doctors who selflessly contribute to the battlefield by doing what they do best in their own big way.

In the 19th century, scientists scrambled to find breastfeeding alternatives due to the high maternal death rate – and subsequently, increasing infant death toll. Justus von Liebig created an infant formula that was deemed as the perfect infant food – and the dispute between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding followed.

The sterility of stethoscopes is an important aspect of clinical practice that is routinely overlooked by medical professionals. A study published in the American Journal of Infection Control further illuminates the abysmal rates of stethoscope hygiene that were carried out during a four-week pilot project.

The mouth has long been regarded as a separate entity from the body; resulting in the great division between oral health and overall medical health. The division is also present right down to those giving the care – and has been doing more damage than good. Moving forward, it is time to further blur out the dividing line.

It is an unfortunate thing when sickness befalls children—but, it is almost disastrous when they are doomed with rare diseases. Here is a look at three children who have been inflicted with rare diseases—robbing them of their childhoods, and sealing their fates.