The unwarranted death of an Indian staff nurse has stirred an emotionally charged mob – comprising hospital employees – to use physical violence against a human resource executive. Letters to relevant authorities have also been written, demanding explanations for the unjust death of 25-year-old staff nurse, Uma Kesh.

The British Medical Association (BMA) has proposed for the complete decriminalisation of abortion – and for women to have access to terminations on demand. While this has clearly sparked a heated debate among the British medical community, we wanted to find out if the law could translate over ̶ would the proposed changes be accepted by the British government, ultimately. We spoke with a few medical and legal experts, to get their views about this matter.

FDA had warned a fertility doctor in the US to stop marketing the three-parent baby technique, which is an unapproved experimental procedure in the country. The technique had earlier been used in a couple to conceive a baby, after excluding the mother’s disease-causing DNA

Penis enlargement surgeries have been generally considered as innocuous procedures – with no life-threatening complications. However, the demise of a 30-year-old man as a result of such procedure has changed the way healthcare professionals perceive the potential outcomes of this surgery.

Many NHS providers across the UK have begun restricting the fertility treatments they offer based on factors such as age, in a bid to cut costs. The move has led to widespread criticism for being unethical.

Two colour blind students, who were denied admission to a medical college in India, fought long and hard so that colour blind students can, too become doctors. The restriction is now removed – as concluded by a committee appointed by the Supreme Court.

An American teenager who was pronounced dead three years ago is showing significant signs of life. This new finding has recently raised bioethical debates within the medical community on the definition of death.

Due to recent events of a senior paediatrician being suspended for three months for not diagnosing a child who had Kawasaki Disease – doctors in parliament have been debating over the issue. The issue has led to the question of whether more doctors would practise defensive medicine and whether or not they should

When scans showed almost no hope of saving their baby, Charlie’s parents turned their plea from one of healing to that of ensuring him a dignified death at home which, sadly, came a little too late.

Four scientific journals published a hoax paper without double checking it.

A 45-year old resident physician at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital has been suspended until October this year for failing to properly evaluate and care for a patient. The patient – a bus driver – was allowed to drive with a serious eye condition.