News about patient data from a health insurance company has been breached, has once again bought to the forefront discussion around the poor nature of medical data security systems—the invaluable nature of the information—and what governments have in place to ensure good practice.

Dr Faizal Anwar has come under Australia’s APHRA radar following allegations of botched surgical procedures despite being suspended from practicing. On top of that, at least 12 women are in line to sue the Malaysian-trained surgeon and the clinic he worked at for substandard surgeries.

High rates of litigation and considerable costs of protection against lawsuits are some of the reasons why trainees or medical students intending to specialise in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology. Senior obstetricians are also quitting due to the increased work load and stresses. This presents a global challenge to keep mortality rates low.

A Los Angeles jury has ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay a cancer patient USD417 million for the damages she incurred, after a four-week trial.

A nursing aide described as charming and well-liked, capitalised on female Alzheimer’s patients’ failing mental faculties and physical frailty. Luis Gomez, 58, has recently been convicted for raping two victims and will be prosecuted for other indecent acts on at least six other victims.

Prosecutors were appealing for a stiffer sentence for “defiant” doctor, Dr Tan Gek Young, who continued to sell codeine-laced cough syrup—despite under investigation for doing so. However, Tan appealed that his sentence was too harsh, compared to other similar cases. Ultimately, the Judge of Appeal Chao Hick Tin dismissed both appeals due to insufficient precedents currently.

On 11 August 2017, the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) in the United Kingdom, dropped its 12-year long ‘normal birth’ campaign. Officials reveal the campaign is to blame for unnecessary deaths, and for sending the wrong message to future mothers – that they were failures for accepting medical intervention during childbirth.

Obesity is becoming an increasingly important epidemic in the modern world—much thanks to the fast food culture and increasingly sedentary lifestyles due to long working hours. In view of the death cases reported—allegedly linked to treatment for obesity involving silicone balloons—there have been speculations discussing the actual cause of these deaths. Nonetheless, investigation is currently on-going to determine any sort of direct connection between these two—and ultimately, the root cause of the patient deaths.

“Dr Ridzuan” – the now-infamous fraud was arrested after impersonating a doctor in a Kedah hospital for close to a year. Malaysian Health Minister (MOH) affirms that security will be reviewed and tightened to prevent any of such recurrence. Other experts are uncertain about ‘complete’ prevention – and believe psychological issues play a major role.

A pandemonium occurred in the wards of a north Indian hospital where 60 children died amid alleged issues revolving around unpaid bills and oxygen supplies.

On 10 August, the Sessions Court was told that Imperial Dental Specialist Centre Sdn Bhd had no licence for the handling of X-ray apparatus. The centre is currently facing charges in connection with the death of the deputy prime minister’s son-in-law, Datuk Syed Alman Zain Syed Alwi, who received his treatment there last year.