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Medical School Nurse Interviews

Two doctors in the United States have been suspended for taking photos of a patient’s genital injury, using personal phones. The photos got circulated in the hospital until its administrators were notified.

Even researchers from reputable institutions fall prey to predatory journals – due to a lack of awareness and safeguards.

A contaminated equipment is responsible for a bacterial infection in child heart patients right after surgery.

A study from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine indicates that widespread misinformation about the correlation between alcohol and cancer was perpetrated, by none other than the alcohol industry itself, with serious consequences.

Four doctors and a pizzeria owner face trial for harvesting organs from desperate and needy Costa Ricans to sell to wealthy foreigners for lucrative returns.

To lighten his workload, a GP in the UK had created ‘ghost’ patients when he was actually available for consultation. He escaped suspension after a tribunal determined that it was his way of coping with the workload, following a period of leave.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is increasing enforcement against clinics, which are unscrupulously administering unproven and potentially harmful ‘stem cell treatments’ to unsuspecting patients.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates a staggering 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally. In line with the WHO, experts say that healthcare professionals are in a powerful position to help bringing down the number of victims. Here, we look at the definition of human trafficking and how healthcare professionals can help addressing this global issue, in a healthcare setting.

Recently, a trial involving approximately a thousand infants has sparked controversy because it involved the usage of a tuberculosis (TB) vaccine that had caused deaths in monkeys in a previous trial.

India’s public health system has come under spotlight lately, following the sharp hike in the number of child fatalities in two hospitals within weeks. Investigations are currently ongoing amidst allegations over unpaid bills which led to disruption in oxygen supply during childbirth.

Fast becoming the next go-to advertising platform, social media channel like Instagram may display advertising that could appear as misleading to consumers, as far as plastic surgery services are involved.
Researching the genetics of suicide

Individuals who commit suicide struggle with mental illness. However, not all individuals who struggle with mental illness commit suicide. Other factors such as genetics, too, are at play. A recent collaboration between University of Utah Health and pharmaceutical giant, Janssen seeks to uncover the link – possibly giving birth to new suicide prevention medication.