A paediatrician and psychiatrist, Dr Herbert Needleman spent most of his career as propagating against lead poisoning in children. Through a study he carried out on children’s teeth in the 1970s, his findings became the bane to the lead industry. The recently deceased doctor’s study has since benefited the scientific community and members of the public, changing the scene of lead level control.

As nurses make up the largest proportion of care providers, they are most likely to make medication errors. They are potentially responsible for committing medication errors as high as 50 – 80% prior to reaching the patient.

Doctors contribute in big ways by answering the call of duty. However, there are doctors who also answer the call of war. They put their lives on the line for others, not knowing if they themselves will make it out alive. Here are three doctors who selflessly contribute to the battlefield by doing what they do best in their own big way.

The mouth has long been regarded as a separate entity from the body; resulting in the great division between oral health and overall medical health. The division is also present right down to those giving the care – and has been doing more damage than good. Moving forward, it is time to further blur out the dividing line.

A lot of doctors find themselves worried when they are on the path of retirement. Due to their later career starts and investments in training – doctors start saving up for retirement late compared to those from other sectors.

Nursing is a noble and rewarding job. However, it also brings hassles as nurses have to deal with physical demanding tasks on a daily basis. Here, we look at some of the best tips for juggling parenting and a nursing career.

For nurses dealing with a resuscitation event for the first time, the nervousness may lead to an inability to think rationally. Whenever the opportunity arises, senior nurses and medical emergency teams (MET) should encourage graduate nurses to be involved in the process.

In the hands of doctors are two contrasting, but vital shades of existence—life and death—where they are tasked with enabling a good life and ensuring a good death. In their heroic ways, doctors testify the strength of the human spirit—even in the worst of life’s battles.

In nursing, scheduling staffs while avoiding conflict is one of the challenges faced by a nurse leader. When arranging the work schedule, a nurse leader has to ensure that nurses do not have excessive overtime shifts as this will result in reduced work-life balance.

Pharmacists are specially educated to identify and solve medication adherence issues. In addition to dispensing, medication review forms another significant part of a community pharmacist’s routine as studies strongly supported that repeated monitoring and counselling had tremendous positive impact on patient's adherence towards their medication.

A nurse may hold a license but have left nursing for a couple of years. If she is considering getting back to nursing, the re-entry nursing programme will come into play.