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Medical School Nurse Interviews

Recently, the Mental Health Promotion Advisory Council of Malaysia has urged the government to provide more registered psychiatrists, to cater to the needs both in public and private healthcare in the country. Consequently, this also highlighted the lack of focus on the mental health of the public – especially the younger generation. MIMS sits down with two prolific psychiatrists, to seek their professional views on this matter.

The NHS has been implicated in a serious contradiction recently. While facing a severe shortage of junior doctors, the primary health provider in the UK is aspired to expand provision of wellness facilities, such as Zumba sessions and facial treatments.

Two doctors in the United States have been suspended for taking photos of a patient’s genital injury, using personal phones. The photos got circulated in the hospital until its administrators were notified.

A comprehensive global study has revealed how millions of people don’t seem to care much about the effects their diet has on their health.

The Public Service Department (PSD) has been urged to review the salary scheme for medical officers (MOs) – both doctors and nurses – to encourage them to remain in Malaysia. This is due to a recent rise in the number of medical officers migrating abroad for higher salaries.

According to Senior Minister of State for Health, Amy Khor, the growth of the healthcare industry has brought about job opportunities for many parties, including fresh graduates and older working adults. She shares the government’s efforts in smoothening the transition for mid-career people interested in the healthcare field.

To lighten his workload, a GP in the UK had created ‘ghost’ patients when he was actually available for consultation. He escaped suspension after a tribunal determined that it was his way of coping with the workload, following a period of leave.

There is a growing divide among medical professionals over the support of same-sex marriages. And conservative doctors, who hold personal biases are being labelled as ‘racists’ – may put transgender patients at risk.

From discussing nursing education to work-life balance to gender bias, local nursing experts share their take on the country’s nursing scene in this exclusive interview with MIMS.

The new building for the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine has officially opened – and it teaches students to serve with “heart”, in a way that fosters collaborative learning.

A recently released poll has indicated that British people are aware of the shortage crisis among nurses. What worries them more is the inadequate supply of nurses to take care of patients in hospitals.
Researching the genetics of suicide

Individuals who commit suicide struggle with mental illness. However, not all individuals who struggle with mental illness commit suicide. Other factors such as genetics, too, are at play. A recent collaboration between University of Utah Health and pharmaceutical giant, Janssen seeks to uncover the link – possibly giving birth to new suicide prevention medication.