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Medical School Nurse Interviews

Pharmacy is among the most stressful jobs in the healthcare sector. Many argue the high tension, chronic exhaustion and resultant depersonalisation no longer justify the resolution to stay in the profession anymore.

Albeit decades of struggle, the US remains engulfed in an opioid epidemic. Physicians have been incriminated over overdose deaths. And now pharmacists may be held liable, too, even if the prescription is valid.

Millennials – individuals born between 1985 and 2002 – are 186% more likely to be a registered nurse (RN) compared to a baby boomer. Coupled with the baby boomers’ retirement on the horizon, millennials are taking over the nursing industry, forcing health organisations to change the standard workflow to suit the new generation.

As the UK continues to struggle with its NHS, one expert says male nurses could be the solution to both shortages and gender inequality.

The UK’s National Health Service is looking to ease English language requirements for foreign nurses in its bid to overcome staff shortages in hospitals.

If empathy can be taught, do we need to test empathy skills in medical school entrance exams?

In 2012, a huge scandal rocked the United States when a massive outbreak of meningitis killed 72 people and sickened hundreds of others, allegedly caused by tainted steroid injections. Now, the supervisory pharmacist involved in approving these injections for the market is being brought to trial.

Whether it be ushering a new life or calming the distressed, the desperate cry of life can break one’s sanity. Yet, many nurses have gone beyond their daily rounds, restoring not just health but faith in humanity.

Recently, the Mental Health Promotion Advisory Council of Malaysia has urged the government to provide more registered psychiatrists, to cater to the needs both in public and private healthcare in the country. Consequently, this also highlighted the lack of focus on the mental health of the public – especially the younger generation. MIMS sits down with two prolific psychiatrists, to seek their professional views on this matter.

The NHS has been implicated in a serious contradiction recently. While facing a severe shortage of junior doctors, the primary health provider in the UK is aspired to expand provision of wellness facilities, such as Zumba sessions and facial treatments.

Two doctors in the United States have been suspended for taking photos of a patient’s genital injury, using personal phones. The photos got circulated in the hospital until its administrators were notified.
The puzzling origin of the smallpox vaccine

Since its first inception by the father of vaccination, Edward Jenner, smallpox has been successfully eradicated from the world in 1980. The vaccine has saved countless lives from succumbing to smallpox, and though its success is acknowledged, little is known about its composition. New findings show that smallpox vaccine is made up of horsepox – not cowpox, as originally believed.