Doctors spend a minimum of 5 years in medical school. Before that, they’ve had four years of pre-med studies. They need anywhere from 2 to 5 years more to train for a specialization. By the time a doctor can really step out and render his services and be paid for them, he’d have spent more than 10 years gaining knowledge, skills and experience.

All this studying and training is what serves as basis for how much they feel they should be paid as a physicians. In Singapore, medical doctors are listed among the top 10 highest paid professionals.

The median monthly pay of a medical practitioner specialist is $30,250, while a surgical practitioner specialists makes $26,516. Meanwhile GP or family doctor gets $16,354 per month, still a substantial that makes it in the number nine spot.

Entry level doctors, in fact, are ranked first among other professionals starting their careers. They get $3,095, which is much more than those earned by graduates of corporate finance or marketing. However, physicians especially in the public sector, may not receive salary adjustments faster after five years on the job.

That’s why it becomes a lucrative proposition to go into private practice to improve the chances of earning more over time. MIMS