Want to ditch the old habit of popping painkillers like peanuts? Chiropractic might just be the answer you’re looking for. Evidence suggests that cracking bones in the right place provides immediate pain relief.

Chiropractic medicine is usually performed to adjust spinal alignment and manipulate certain joints for relief. People with chronic back pain would usually undergo this procedure. Experts suggests that spinal manipulation is just as effective as exercise.

Rhythmic force is applied once or repeatedly to a joint or spinal section. With the use of a device or with bare hands, the force is controlled as to not cause any physical damage. Some might cringe at the sight of patients lying down and having their joints twisted and cranked every which way, but expert hands will never put their patients at risk.

People with chronic headaches are also advised to undergo chiropractic. It has proven to be an alternative to painkillers with recent studies showing that prolonged use of painkillers may lead to addiction. It is also noted that attending chiropractic procedures prolong relief better than analgesics, though further studies are needed.

In planning to undergo chiropractic, ask the local hospital if they provide the service. Osteopathic doctors and physical therapists are usually skilled at use spinal manipulation procedures to treat patients.

As with almost all medications, chiropractic does have its side effects. After attending a session, patients might experience dizziness, feel tired and pain in the treated area. These conditions will wear off in a day, but as with all persistent side effects consult doctors when the swelling continues.

It is not advised for people suffering from osteoporosis or any other spinal and bone conditions to undergo this procedure. Weakened state of bones may cause adverse effects with chiropractic services and patients with conditions should consult doctors first.

Though many think that the practice is modern, chiropractic has been around since the 1890s. Daniel David Palmer first theorized that by manipulating the spine certain diseases can be cured. The first procedure was performed on Harvey Lillard, who claims to have reduced hearing. After undergoing a procedure and hearing pops in his spine, he declared that he regained a portion of his auditory senses.

Before considering chiropractic services, always seek professional advice first. There have been reports of bogus practitioners who have established fake clinics. Also, know what condition you are having first before considering the chiropractic. Doctors still advise proper exercise and diet to get rid of most body pains. MIMS