Stigma, impacts, solutions: Addressing mental health in the workplace

Advocacy of mental health has risen in recent years – garnering global attention across various platforms. From print to social media; from royal figures to first ladies; from Hollywood celebrities to corporate professionals – they all echo one common message: greater awareness, effort and solutions are required to address the mental health stigma.
Walk the talk: GPs as healthy role models for patients

It is not unusual for GPs to mention the importance of physical activity as well as healthy diet and lifestyle during medical consultation. However, to what extent do GPs actually practise what they preach to patients?
3 Questions: Mr Walter Leung on providing emergency support at mobile health clinics in Bangladesh

In our next “3 Questions” interview series, we speak to Mr Walter Wai-yin Leung, a senior nurse and also one of the awardees of the Hong Kong Humanity Award this year. He has just departed to Bangladesh in September 2017 to provide medical service to the affected people.