As bizarre as it may seem, some are willing to go through great lengths to deceive others be it for personal gain, financial advantages or simply, for fun. Here, we take a look at five other “doctors” who were actually imposters.

1. Lim Loong Lu

Masquerading as Dr. Lim Loong Lu, an actual medical practitioner in Hong Kong, "Dr" Lim claimed to have a medical degree from Hong Kong University but never practised as a medical doctor.

His medical degree carried weight and provided Lim Yin Chow with strong connections. His credentials impressed cardiologist Dr. Soo Chee Siong and in 2003, both started the HSC Medical Center in Kuala Lumpur where they focused mainly on preventive medicine. He was also the former non-executive director of Stem Life Bhd, Signature International Bhd and Rev Asia Bhd.

His fraud was uncovered in 2014 of which Bursa Malaysia has reprimanded and imposed a fine of RM30,000. He has also resigned from all companies.

2. Keith Allen Barton

Keith Allen Barton from California had no medical training but he preyed on people who were dying and desperate. Offering hope, he claimed to have 200 doctors in his medical team, and advertised that he could cure diseases such as cancer and HIV. He also assumed the name of a practising doctor in California.

In one of the cases, he asked for USD18,000 and assured a woman that he could cure her two children and her of HIV. Her nine-year old daughter died as a result of the lack of proper treatment.

Barton was finally caught by an undercover police officer, after he claimed he was able to cure the officer who had a relapse of colon cancer. He was then sentenced to six years in prison.

3. Kristina Ross

Between late 2009 and early 2010, two women were offered free breast examinations in different Idaho bars by a “plastic surgeon” bearing the name of Berlyn Aussieahshowna who swayed them with impressive medical jargon.

One of them even allowed her breasts to be examined by the “surgeon” in the restroom. When the women called the number for follow-up sessions, they were connected to the real plastic surgery centre where staff claimed there was no such doctor.

A police report was made and Kristina Ross who was a transgender woman was arrested and sentenced to jail for 360 days for practising without a medical licence.

4. Pu Liu

In a booming industry of cosmetic surgery, some have taken advantage of desperate women who look for cheaper options in the growing wave of backyard beauticians who possess no medical qualifications.

Ms. Helena Chen is one victim of such 'doctors' who underwent a double eyelid surgery in March in a single bedroom, in the flat of the 'surgeon' for AUD1,500. Chen had contacted "cosmetic surgeon" Pu Liu through a WeChat post and was assured that the surgery would be quick and cause no bleeding. The surgery however, lasted eight hours and was frequently interrupted by phone calls.

Chen's scarred left eye is now larger than the right and she now has to wait six months to heal before she knows if her eye has been permanently damaged.

"I was stupid to trust her," Chen said. Health authorities have raided her premises and investigations are ongoing.

5. James Mugo Ndichu

In August this year, Mugo wa Wairimu was charged for operating a clinic in Nairobi without a valid licence and pretending to be a gynaecologist. He is believed to have drugged his female patients before raping them in his clinic in Nairobi.

Mugo whose real name is James Mugo Ndichu, is not a registered doctor and had hired an unlicensed laboratory technologist. The Kenyan “doctor” was arrested after a staff recorded a video of him sedating and raping a female patient at his clinic. The video has since gone viral.

Mugo has denied the allegations and claimed the report was schemed against him but investigations are still ongoing. MIMS

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