PSD urged to review MO’s salary scheme – to prevent medical “brain drain”

The Public Service Department (PSD) has been urged to review the salary scheme for medical officers (MOs) – both doctors and nurses – to encourage them to remain in Malaysia. This is due to a recent rise in the number of medical officers migrating abroad for higher salaries.
The antibiotic consensus: Accepting and responding to uncertainty in healthcare

Antibiotic resistance is one of the many topics of debate that the healthcare industry remains divided. This creates confusion amongst patients and doctors alike. Experts suggest that scientists should step in to clear the air and that it would be better to communicate why experts make reasonably different judgements on the same problem.
From the public to the healthcare community: Addressing the shortage of psychiatrists in Malaysia

Recently, the Mental Health Promotion Advisory Council of Malaysia has urged the government to provide more registered psychiatrists, to cater to the needs both in public and private healthcare in the country. Consequently, this also highlighted the lack of focus on the mental health of the public – especially the younger generation. MIMS sits down with two prolific psychiatrists, to seek their professional views on this matter.